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La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa

Where to Stay in Paris
December 24, 2018

Why we love it: If you were blindfolded, taken to an unknown destination, and dropped into La Réserve, you would have absolutely no doubt that you’ve landed in Paris. La Réserve is so French it hurts – from the moment you walk into its red lacquered doors into the 19thcentury mansion decked out in Belle Époque. Even in a city that knows a thing or two about luxury, at La Réserve you’re rolling deep in jewel-toned velvet, gilded ceilings, and a mini Hall of Mirrors. But for all its lavishness, there’s something chicly cool about La Réserve. If Prince William is Versailles, then this spot is decidedly Harry. 

What to know: La Réserve is located on the Right Bank – just far enough away from the tourists on the Champs-Élysées but close enough to walk in heels to Monsieur Bleu. This is an insider’s gem; with only 26 suites and 14 rooms, it’s more like a home than a hotel. The unfashionable need not apply. The guests are beautiful, effortlessly chic, and impeccably styled – even in ripped jeans and $800 sneakers.  

Where the décor in the main areas is rich and dark, the rooms are filled with light.  Their suites are worth the splurge; an extended stay sipping champagne on a balcony overlooking the Grand Palais should be a thing. 

There’s even a smoking room (hey, you are in Paris) on the first floor. We couldn’t smell it, but for those who are ultra-sensitive to smoke, it’s something to keep in mind. Their spa is a jewelry box with just three rooms, but their treatments punch far above their weight. Located in the basement are an impressive indoor pool and relaxation lounge for when you want to escape the city.