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Le Bristol

Where to Stay in Paris
December 10, 2018

Tastemaker: Desiree Fish

The ambience of luxury, the responsiveness of staff services, the air of belief that its promise of a superlative experience will be realized - it’s all palpable when you enter the Hotel Bristol in Paris.

Le Bristol is no secret. Even other hoteliers in Paris and elsewhere remark on its superiority, and acknowledge its premiere place in haut monde accommodations.

It begins when you arrive in its palatial, yet warm lobby and experience the efficiency and the attention paid to you, and continues with each of the world-class components.  The newly refurbished areas are stunning in their appeal. The three-star restaurant has quickly become, and justifiably so, the talk of culinary Paris for its outstanding cuisine. Wine and décor is a singular experience in dining.

The new world-class spa is a reason to experience Le Bristol by itself. It has everything you could want in a coddling, relaxed atmosphere.

The bar is off the lobby and continues the magnificent appointments of luxury. It’s a hive of activity, with people enjoying themselves in a bubbling chatter of various languages.  The atmosphere is charged with the attractive, interesting men and women the bar attracts. Its proximity to the Élysée Palace means that members of the administration (including presidents) are known to frequent it, as are couture designers, A-list business moguls, and members of the entertainment industry.

The concierge staff works its magic with great aplomb and success.  Reservations are made seemingly effortlessly, and when you arrive at your restaurant (or wherever they have made arrangements), the greeting is always warm and reflective of the esteem in which the establishment holds the Bristol.

The service in the rooms is outstanding and responsive, and the staff’s demeanor speaks of employees who take pride in their work.

The cost of this luxury is not inexpensive, but it is certainly worth it. The experience enhances your time in Paris immeasurably.