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Soho House Berlin

Where to Stay in Berlin
January 2, 2019
Why we like it: First, it’s Soho House, so you are guaranteed to be among the cool, young, and beautiful people by booking a room at the Berlin outpost. While they do screen who is allowed to rest their pretty little heads on their crisp percale sheets, you don’t need to be a member to stay at Soho House Berlin, so it’s the back door way to hanging out with Berlin’s chic crowd. Admittedly, in its previous incarnations we were not big fans of the hotel aspect of Soho House, but Berlin just rocked our world. Rooms are light, airy, and pristinely kept. They have the perfect combination of retro chic with modern minimalism. We still dream of sleeping in that big old bed, as it is one of the most comfortable we’ve slept in. Our favorite aspect of the rooms may just be the bathroom, which is stocked with at least a dozen Cowshed products in the shower, and a robust amenities kit where we looted everything we could from the razors in a travel pouch to the Cowshed lip balm. We would have taken more, but of course we want to be allowed back.
Besides sleeping in, the benefit to staying at the Soho House is not staying in your room at all. The Berlin location is especially interesting for people-watching, as Berlin is known for its art scene and just being cutting edge cool across all disciplines. The pool is one where you would actually take a dip, and the scene is nothing short of fabulous. Everyone is cool, and most people aren’t trying too hard. The food is excellent at Soho House; weekend brunches excel with a generous farm-to-table buffet, and the food trends on the healthier side. Hence the large majority of guests are quite easy on the eyes.
What to know: Berlin is reasonably priced for hotels, and Soho House is quite the value, especially if you are used to staying in top-end luxury hotels around the world. Mind your manners with your phone, in Soho House fashion you aren’t allowed to talk away in public areas, and absolutely no photos are allowed. So restrain yourself from taking that photo of Bono and Kristy Turlington having dinner. If you’re staying at the hotel, they limit the number of guests you can bring in, so check the policy before promising your 10 closest friends and family a spot at the rooftop bar. Also, leave your formal professional attire at home; the dress is casual and no suits and ties are allowed.