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Orania Berlin

Where to Stay in Berlin
December 24, 2018

Why we like it: We admit we were skeptical about leaving our normal circuit of posh Berlin. You know, dinners at The Grill, people watching in the garden of Borchardt and drinks at Bikini Bar. But staying at the Orania.Berlin opened up a whole new world to us. Essentially akin to when we went to Brooklyn’s new Soho House for the first time and had our life-changing experience that there is life outside of Manhattan. Located in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood, the Orania.Berlin actually reminded us of what Soho House was like when it first opened, sans the private membership club. The hotel is the heart of up-and-coming Kreuzberg, where they have frequent concerts, events and musical performances. A neighbourhood of true creatives, musicians and artists, the Orania.Berlin is the place to stay when you want to be a local, a la East Village in NYC. The Kreuzberg neighbourhood is hot with some of the most inventive cuisine rooted in simple ingredients, coming out of both the kitchen at the Orania.Berlin and nearby Café Ora.


In the rooms, they are quiet as a pin, where our favourite are overlooking the park. When we arrived there was a bento-boxlike contraption of sorts filled with homemade sweets and chocolates, along with some savouries that really elevated the experience.


What to know: The Orania.Berlin is not after 5 star designation, though its laid-back service and quality of rooms certainly meets the criteria for Berlin. However, don’t expect doormen waiting at the entrance or white-gloved service here; you’re more treated like you are being welcomed into a home. This is a brand new hotel where the rooms and common areas have been completely gut renovated to German precision. The rooms are impeccable and decorated in more rustic wood versus gilded chandeliers. Where possible, upgrade your room to a suite or a larger accommodation. The regular rooms are perfectly fine, though for those who don’t travel light, you’ll want the extra space.