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Travel Kit

Travel Light
January 15, 2014

As bonafide jet setters, we’re familiar with spontaneity. We’ll hop a plane at a moment’s notice when the right opportunity arises. And once or twice, we may have overlooked the TSA’s liquid requirements in an effort to get out the door. Thus, we’ve developed a theory about the TSA’s greedy obsession with full-size coveted products, and we simply refuse to continue to facilitate their long, luscious locks and glowing skin.

The truth is, it can be hard to eyeball 3oz, especially when you’ve been known to value design over practicality. Which is why we’re head over heels for Byredo’s sleek leather travel cases. We’ve been fans of Byredo Gypsy Water for some time – it just captures the Galavante spirit – but this week we’re packing the unisex Bal D’Afrique, in honor of our current destination – the white sands of Zanzibar. There’s no sacrificing form over function with this wee vessel of flight-friendly luxury, especially when it comes to the burgundy case, embossed with gold lettering. Because in flight – much like in life – it’s the little things that count.

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