• Sunday, September 27, 2020

What to Drink Now with Lo Bosworth, Dan Wakeford and Christine Drinan
August 12, 2020

What do an MTV reality star, the editor-in-chief of People Magazine and the founder of Galavante have in common? They’ve got you covered on drinks this summer. The beverage game is going strong.

Lo Bosworth, CEO and Founder of Love Wellness

"When it comes to beverages, I’m all about simplicity. I’ve spent the last few months focusing on my health and taking care of my body. Part of this has included the simple goal of moving my body every day and staying hydrated. Every morning I do a workout -- I love Taryn Toomey’s The Class -- and will immediately follow it with a large glass of lemon water. I’ll continue to sip on water throughout the day. While I haven’t always been a coffee lover, I recently have enjoyed making a cup of black pour over coffee. It really helps me power through my morning. I've also been drinking smoothies in the morning for breakfast. I love Kelly LeVeque's Fab Four Smoothie. It's packed with protein, fat, fiber and greens and keeps me satiated until lunchtime.

During the weekend, I indulge a bit more. Whether I'm with friends in person at the Hamptons or chatting over Zoom, my happy hour drink of choice has been Wolffer Estate’s Summer in a Bottle Rosé. It’s crisp and refreshing, and really does feel exactly like summer. If I’m not in the mood for rosé, I’ll make a Casamigos shaken over ice. Like I said, I’m all about simplicity!" 

Dan Wakeford, People Magazine Editor In Chief

"I drink a lot of water. And mostly use my Soma water filter as  I don’t drink bottled water. If I’m bored of water I enjoy iced hibiscus tea, which I brew myself and always have in the fridge.  And sometimes indulge in a Spindrift (grapefruit is my favorite flavor). I use a huge Corkcicle tumbler, as it keeps drinks cold all day through the video calls I’m doing for work. Some days I only have 15 minutes that I can escape the computer… 

During quarantine, I’ve been using my Breville espresso maker and drink two cups of coffee a day. I am very specific about how my coffee is made, so it’s best for all involved that I do it myself. I like two strong double espresso with steamed milk, not too foamy and not too much. Certainly not a latte. I swear I’m not difficult in other areas of my life like I am with coffee.  

I don’t drink alcohol Monday - Thursday.  It was just too easy to drink three glasses of wine a night at the beginning of lockdown, so I quickly made that rule, and it’s worked well and has been easy to adhere to.  So, come Friday nights my husband and I will open a bottle of red.  It sounds obnoxious, but because of the number of events I have attended (before lockdown) champagne and sparkling wines aren’t really my thing as they remind me of work!  If we are feeling fancy, we’ll go for a bottle of The Prisoner from Napa Valley. We’ve also discovered Casa Smith wines from our local store in Bellport, which we enjoy. 

I’m British so I love a  G and T.  My go-to gin is Bombay Sapphire, but my friend Thomas has started to make his own gin. He gifted me some Jasmine and cucumber-flavored gin that has been nice. I am happy with any tonic, but my secret is I always add a Star Anise in each to add a subtle addition of flavor."

Christine Drinan, Galavante Founder  - Green Tea and Fresh Bellinis

I had to take the cue from Dan and Lo this week, and include my non-alcoholic beverage as well as my favorite cocktail.  Ironically in this pandemic, I’m drinking a whole lot less than my pre-COVID schedule required with entertaining clients and meeting industry friends.  Green tea is always my go-to, where I’ll start in the morning with one tea bag and refill my cup with hot water throughout the day.  I can’t even start a call or my day without my green tea, which I have right after my first cup of room temperature water with half a Meyer lemon squeezed in.  I’m always trying new green teas, where the more pure like a sencha or gunpowder green, the better.  I’m not into any of the fruit infusion stuff – the stronger for me, the better as I don’t drink coffee.  

This summer, we started bringing the restaurants to our clients at home, and I’ve been working with Ben Vaschetti, one of the most talented Michelin-trained chefs I’ve met in all my travels.  He makes a fresh Bellini with peaches from the farm stand and pours in the champagne with the special Bellini spoon right before it’s served chilled.  In working with him, I realize there is a massive difference between my home cook skills and that of a real Michelin-trained chef.  He’s next level.  We’ll have the recipe on Galavante later this month.