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Man's Best Travel Companion & Top Travel Tips

Spotlight on Andy Cohen
June 8, 2018

By Hilary Sheinbaum, Celebrity Travel Contributor

From Housewives to Hollywood hunks, Andy Cohen has a Rolodex of amazing and loyal friends. Out of all of his companions, though, there’s only one that fits the bill for Man’s Best Friend – his dog, Wacha

“Wacha has been such a big part of my life. I want everyone to be able to have that experience,” he says of his pup. Awe!

The hardworking Watch What Happens Live host splits his time on several projects, but when it’s time to disconnect, a vacation is in order – and there’s no doubt the doggie is in tow.

Dreaming of travel, we caught up with the always-energetic host while he helped kick off Residence Inn by Marriott’s "Dog Days of Summer" pet adoption series, which has partnered with the North Shore Animal League America.


“Residence Inn is a brand that is pet friendly, and having your pet on the road with you is the best companion yet,” says Cohen.

At the “Bark-Fest” we picked his brain about traveling with a pet, bag packing advice and souvenir shopping. His first tip: “Remember to relax and enjoy every moment!” We couldn’t agree more.

What's the most important thing to prepare for when traveling with a pet? 

Keep in mind the specific needs for your pet: plenty of water and treats! But only take them on a trip where you think they will have fun and can relax. If you do stay in a hotel, look for a brand like Residence Inn by Marriott that is pet-friendly. All their rooms are suites, so you have plenty of room for your pet, and they even have grocery delivery lists, so if you forget your pet's food, you can just order it to your room!​

How often do you travel with your dog? 

He comes with me on car trips to my beach house, but I never bring him on a plane. It seems like a pain for everybody.

Are you a carry-on only person, or do you check bags? What are your best packing tips? 

Depends on the trip, but I travel so often that I have it down to a science. I mostly carry-on, so it makes the trip that much easier and faster to enjoy! My best packing tip is to write lists beforehand to keep you organized and on task. 

What are your tips for travel snacks?

I like to load up on mixed nuts at the start of the flight. They are a healthier alternative to some of the snacks and meals passed out mid-flight, and they pair well with tea!

How about staying hydrated while flying? What is your go-to drink?

I usually go for a lot of water, and earl grey tea keeps me awake and hydrated.


What's the first thing you do when landing in a new place? 

I definitely go to my hotel first to get the lay of the land and drop my stuff off. I want to be unencumbered!

Do you unpack in hotels or leave things in your suitcase? 

It really depends on how long I’m staying there, but I hang things in the closet to keep them nice. 

When it comes to buying souvenirs for friends and family, what do you typically bring back for them?

Love souvenirs! I love showing my friends that I thought about them, whether it's a gag gift or something authentic to the country. It can be hard to get a gift for every person all the time, so it's only when the mood strikes me. If I can carry it home, I definitely do!

Do you typically learn any new words before traveling, if you’re going somewhere the locals don't speak English?

I survive on my wits and it's gotten me pretty far, so far...but I definitely pick up new words if I am going somewhere exotic.