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Completely Unique Safaris & Material Good

For the Good of All
June 28, 2016

We’ve said it many a time before, but we really mean it.  Life isn’t just about 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.  It’s a fortunate circumstance when luxury and philanthropy intersect in the form of a great party, which was the case at our recent event at Material Good in Soho.  For our First Class Members and guests, we sipped the Laurent-Perrier and Chateau la Nerthe while taking in the stunning space and talking about changing the world.  Material Good just happens to be the most exclusive enclave of fine jewelry, watches and other niceties (like vintage Hermes bags), set with the backdrop of a stunning, spared no expense private loft of high design on the second floor of a quintessential Soho building on Wooster Street.  It’s a bold statement when a velvet couch suspended by chains is the centerpiece of your room. It gives new meaning to swing aspirations.  But we would expect nothing less from the space that hosted John Legend and Chrissy Tiegan’s last big bash. 

It was a perfect alignment to have a space with the rarest of material goods, host the most rare safari company in the world.  Forget everything you know about safari; Completely Unique Safaris based out of South Africa sets the standard.  For the past 70 years, they have been creating exclusive experiences for their network of family and friends, and in the past year, opened up to very select clients, including Galavante members.  Yes, they’ve done 2.2 million safaris for one very lucky honeymoon couple, but they also create experiences for the rest of us relatively normal folks.  It’s about maximizing your dream safari, which may just mean finding the perfect lodge, or in our case, creating a popup art gallery in the bush, with champagne and oysters flown in from Cape Town that morning.  Private chefs who can throw-down with the best of the Michelin-crew, butler to the royal Dutch family, top mixologists and celebrity hosts are just the baseline for what they can create. 

In the lavishness of the best that a hard-earned life can buy, is the core of providing opportunities for others less fortunate.  Completely Unique Safaris is a passion project, to fund philanthropic projects throughout Africa, including a Child Education Initiative to sponsor the brightest kids through private school, an Emerging Artist Project to fund talented artists so they can pursue their craft and the Leopard ID project, to assess the population of the elusive leopard to ensure their priority in conservation efforts.  We became passionate about charitable works in Africa after our first safari with Completely Unique, and before climbing Kilimanjaro, we fell hard for the deserving kids at The Plaster House, a pre- and post-operative center for children in Tanzania who get life-changing surgeries.  Material Good stepped up to the plate by both hosting in their space, as well as gifting a very significant certificate to our Galavante guests, to encourage them to shop charitably.  Going forward, a portion of the sales to our Galavante community will go to fund these incredible projects in Africa.  So while we love our Material Good, we also equally love to work towards For the Good of All. 



Photography Credit:  Jakub Photography Studios