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An Evening Honoring Artist Sandra Muss

An Art Basel to Remember
April 16, 2016

The famed artist Picasso once said, "Everything you can imagine is real."  For us, the execution of bringing those dreams to reality is the difference between mere mortals and artists.  Artists are those unique individuals who can take imagination and convey it on canvas, sculpture and even sound installations, and any other medium in between. 

To celebrate renowned artists Sandra Muss, Tim Biskup and Eric White, we partnered with The Supper Club for Miami Art Basel 2015.  Sandra Muss, who has been a working artist her entire adult life since studying at Pratt in New York City and living in Soho when it was a real artist community, hosted us in her grand Miami home on Sunset Island.  It was a monsoon of an evening for what turned out to be a rainy Art Basel, but over 80 guests, from Miami luminaries to New York City hedge fund managers, gathered at Ms. Muss’s grand estate to view her art collection.  Ms. Muss has exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world, most recently at the Coral Springs Museum of Art and Hollis Taggert Galleries in New York City.  Ms. Muss integrates the most unexpected treasures she finds on her world travels into her art, where anything from a fish bone to a branch to a hospital stretcher become the mediums to express her emotion inspiring and thought provoking pieces. 

In a fashion befitting Art Basel, all this art appreciation happened in the form of a caviar and canapés cocktail-fueled party.  Those who were extra special got a preview of the secret movie theater, which was one of the few things that remained in tact from the home’s previous owner, Lenny Kravitz.  And we can say that it was a room worthy of a rock star.  The evening itself? Well that was an Art Basel to remember. 


More photos of the soiree on http://galavante.com/events

Photo credit:  SPF Studios