• Saturday, November 28, 2020

Tiffany Piecewicz Meeker

Tiffany Piecewicz Meeker, Attorney
February 28, 2014

Why she's our Tastemaker:  As Galavante's attorney, Tiffany has been with Galavante from the start.  She is passionate about working with start up companies, travel and her adorable puppy, who she shares with her husband Matt, the Founder of Meet Up and Bark Box.  Tiffany and Matt travel to the exotic, far flung locales like Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Madagascar.  They appreciate luxury hotels, where the Four Seasons and Aman resorts are favorites.  

Countries Visited: 54

Business and Leisure Trips Annually: 15+

Favorite Places: Southern Sri Lanka, Rio and Berlin

Travel Philosophy: Invest in memorable life experiences.

My Ideal Vacation: Searching for lemurs in the spiny forests of Madagascar and then recuperating on the beach in nearby Mauritius.

Travel Tip: Bring a "Point It" book if you anticipate any potential language barriers during your travels. If you don't share a common language with someone, speaking louder and slower will not help to get your point across, but this book might!