• Monday, September 28, 2020

Rosanna Ivanova

Rosanna Ivanova, Hedge Fund Equity Analyst
March 31, 2014

Why she's our Tastemaker:  Simply put, her inquisitive nature, exquisite taste and diverse travel experiences.  Rosanna's work as an Equity Analyst at an activist hedge fund in New York brings her on frequent trips to locales from London to helicoptered rides onto oil riggs off the coast of Texas and Lousiana.  As a Tastemaker, Rosanna is game for anything, from kite surfing in Costa Rica in rugged surf camps to luxurious private islands like Mustique.  

Countries Visited: 25

Business and Leisure Trips Annually: 8–12

Favorite Places: Franschhoek, South Africa, Paraty, Brazil, Istanbul, Turkey

Travel Philosophy: Do your research but only plan the basics, and then leave the rest for exploration.

My Ideal Vacation: Anywhere warm and sunny. With good company. And a drink within reach.

Travel Tip: I have noticed that if you want to experience the most of local cuisine, don’t just ask where the locals eat; ask what they grew up eating. Leave the big suitcase at home: unless you are permanently relocating or need special equipment, all you will ever need should fit in a carry-on. Even if barely.