• Thursday, October 22, 2020

Karen Dean

Karen D, Attorney
February 26, 2014

Why she's our Tastemaker:  She's an attorney by vocation and ski-bum wannabe.  Originally from the South, Karen went to college at Duke and then moved up the Northeast Corridor for her law degree and masters.  These days, she's in-house counsel at a telecommunications company in Colorado.  Before that, she paid some dues as law firms in DC and New York before escaping to work in-house at Fortune-something companies in New York and Texas.  She spends too much time working but enjoying her off-hours hiking, climbing, skiing, and seeing as much live music as her time allows. 

Business and leisure trips annually:  20+

Number of countries traveled to: 27

Favorite places:  New York, Paris, Jackson Hole

Travel philosophy: Experience the “must-sees” in each place but also get “off the beaten path” and get to know the local experience.

Best travel tip:   Hire a reputable local guide and driver, especially you don’t speak the language or have limited time; you see so much more, avoid a lot of headaches, and can learn so much more than you would from a guidebook.

My ideal vacation:  Depends on my travel partners.  Left to my own devices, my ideal vacation is a ski location that offers challenging terrain and backcountry skiing options.  But I also love to see new countries, in which case I try to maximize my time to see as much as possible and learn the local culture.