• Saturday, August 8, 2020

Ubah Hassan

Favorite Destination

Whistler British Columbia for its charming village, and because it's great to visit year-round. 

Most Exotic Destination Traveled

Maui Hawaii, which is worth the 12-hour flight from New York

Travel Philosophy

Learn to go with the flow. So what if your flight is delayed, or your room isn't ready to check in? In the end, we will only remember the moments that stole our hearts and warmed our being. Learn to be present and grateful - you are either heading to a relaxing vacation or coming back from one...lucky you!  Most importantly, gravitate towards people and things that bring out the best of you. 
I live and breathe for worldly interaction and culture. I'm so grateful to be living in New York City because I seriously have a United Nations circle of friends right in my backyard. This alone has shaped me to be a better, happier human being. And with every friend I have made here in New York, they have helped me to understand their nationality, culture, happiness and how they deal with their daily ups and downs. In short, New York City has helped me become a student of humanity.