• Friday, February 21, 2020

Sofia Karliner

Favorite Destination

Probably Paris. There’s something about the architecture that makes me feel like the most composed and chic version of myself.

Most Exotic Destination Traveled

The Sanibel islands in Thailand. The water is actually neon blue! And so clear that you can see the bottom (and all of the colorful fish) from a mile above.

Travel Philosophy

Sofia was raised traveling. She inherited a love of seeing the world from both of her parents, who consider travel to be the utmost form of education. As a result, Sofia has lived in Mexico and Argentina, and has visited over 16 countries. She hopes to continue her graduate education in Europe, and go exploring during her time off.

Sofia is a senior and English major at Barnard College of Columbia University. She lives with her cousin in Manhattan, and has a passion for books, travel, and fashion.