• Saturday, August 8, 2020

Justin Harrison

Favorite Destination

One of the best spots I've ever experienced was Guanahani in St Barths, a relaxed property with a quiet bay to peacefully enjoy - Berlin and Toronto are favorite cities for their unique vibrancy, and the energy of living in Manhattan is always tempting me to visit someplace new.



Travel Philosophy

Travel as often and as much as you can - we are living in an era with unprecedented ease of travel to experience both new ideas and old cultures, and while some sought-after destinations like Fogo Island are still a trek to visit (and with very good reason) the almost immediate access to the world offered by the airlines is never a bad deal.   
Justin oversees Galavante's Leisure and Corporate Travel Services, and is known by our clients as the Flight Guru.  Growing up with a copy of "A Field Guide to Airplanes" constantly in-hand, Justin was always intrigued with civilian aircraft and carriers, making frequent trips to the airport and spotting anything that flew overhead. 
After more than 15 years of booking flights for travelers, he is proud to have experienced some incredible flights and cities across the globe.  He still looks upward every time a plane darts through the sky.