• Saturday, August 8, 2020

Cyndi Altman

Favorite Destination

My favorite countries are always going to be those that put a cultural emphasis on community and celebration. Colombia and India are two countries where I have experienced this and consider them to be almost second homes.

In the US, nothing compares to the cultural diversity and energy of New York City.

Travel Philosophy

Go local. Find ways to connect with the people, culture, and food.  The best days are those spontaneous moments when you take a wrong turn, stop in that random cafe, or innocently inquire into the happenings going on around you that can bring a new connection or meaningful experience that's hard to get from a guidebook. 


Cyndi is a worldwide explorer on a quest to experience and understand the diverse cultures of the world. Traveling internationally from a young age, Cyndi embraced the culture of each country she visited through the children she met and played with.

These early experience enabled Cyndi to start working in the travel industry early on, organizing trips for students, while she went to school. Upon completion of her degree in International Politics, Cyndi moved to New York City and progressed to high-end corporate travel for some the country’s most prestigious law and financial firms.

Wanting to increase her scope and skills, Cyndi embarked on a 12-month ‘Round the World’ adventure, that unexpectedly evolved into a 6 year venture of living and working in Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

Having traveled to more than 65 countries, Cyndi has a good eye for detail and strong planning skills, to create trips for those looking to learn more about other cultures and discover the world.