• Saturday, August 8, 2020

Brook M. Christopher

Favorite Destination

Santa Fe, Patmos and the South of France

Travel Philosophy

Live it up!
As a social photographer, she's as comfortable among the underpriviliged children she works with in her philanthropic work, as she is with Presidents of the United States, having shadowed her reknowned artist father, Scott Christopher.  Scott has been a White House photographer for both Bush administrations and Bill Clinton, and taught Brook the trade.  She's even used her talents to photograph Al Gore.  When she's not behind the camera, she's being photographer herself on the red carpet at Cannes, in one of her select ventures as a film producer.  Brook has been in the most rarifed private circles of celebrities and the social elite, but that does not define her.  She is a passionate traveler who experiences all ranges of trips from simple accommodations to top luxury. She's not afraid to take on a challenging bike excursion, rugged hike or horseback ride through Santa Fe, as long as there's beauty that surrounds her along the way.