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Westin Headspace

The Business of Zen
May 7, 2014
By , Galavante Contributor

As a frequent business traveler, you’re always looking for tricks to make life on the road a little easier. You’ve got a drycleaner on speed dial in every major hub. The concierge at your most frequent haunt is number three on your holiday gifting list. But one thing you may not have considered – yet – is the practice of meditation. Hear us out. This is not a hippie pledge for a lifestyle overhaul. Maybe you’re already a believer, maybe you’re not. But meditation comes with a lot of mental and physical health benefits, and with the recent Westin/Headspace collaboration, it’s more accessible and acutely useful than ever.

Here’s how it works: While you’re busy cramming five days worth of suits into a carry-on, Westin will send you an email prompting you to choose the nature of your upcoming visit (i.e. business, leisure, or both). And with that, you’ll receive your first meditation. Once you arrive at the hotel, you’ll be greeted by Andy Puddicombe, an ordained Buddhist monk and co-founder of the mindfulness app Headspace, on the in-room Headspace channel. And on Westin’s well-being microsite, you can access Andy’s customized meditations specific to business travelers’ needs, like bringing down your blood pressure before presenting to a live audience that includes your boss’s boss, or switching off on holiday. (Like, really switching off.)

If you haven’t yet heard of Headspace, it’s an app that demystifies the practice of mindfulness meditation. It’s easy to relate to Andy because in addition to being a Buddhist monk, he’s also an entrepreneur. And when it comes to guided practices, he’s one of the best in his field. After all, he’s good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow. Plus, his British accent is just plain relaxing. Back home, if you find yourself missing his daily guidance, you can sign up to “Get some Headspace” and center yourself 365 days a year. And in a month or so, Headspace will release an updated version of the app with 300 hours of new content. Considering the amount of time you spend on your iPhone, using it to meditate just might get you that corner office.

(Photo courtesy of Westin Hotels)