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Ronny Kobo Designer

Fashion It Girl: Ronny Kobo
March 20, 2014
By , Galavante Contributor

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.”
---Ralph Waldo Emerson

For the international “It girl” and clothing designer Ronny Kobo, traveling is where every new collection begins. Born in Israel and raised in Hong Kong, 30-year-old Kobo has globe-trotting in her blood. Speaking three languages – English, Hebrew and Spanish – she now calls New York City home. When not dreaming up her line on the road, Kobo works with her team in an airy loft in the Flatiron District, producing 12 lines a year. Without a doubt, Kobo believes that her passion for travel is what makes her line unique and gives it real soul.

Galavante: What is your travel philosophy?

Ronny Kobo: For me, the trip always starts with the question: What is my purpose for the destination? From that point, things begin to fall into place, from the hotel to sightseeing. I always pack light – day into night – and of course I bring my favorites from my collection that can be rolled or folded. From the moment I board the plane, I force myself to be on local time so I can hit the ground running when I arrive.

Galavante: What are your favorite destinations?

Ronny Kobo: My absolute favorite city is Bangkok – the heat, the colors, the flavors and the culture. The visual madness and chaos of it all really inspires me as an artist. I love the temples and the Thai dancers’ costumes. And the people are so hospitable and welcoming.

But my favorite trip ever was Mykonos in Greece. The days are so long there that you really feel like you’re on an extended vacation. There’s the most amazing beach called Alemagou, which literally translates to “beach heaven.”

London is my go-to city. I travel there several times a year and it is my home away from home. To have the full-on London experience, I refuse to take anything but an authentic London taxi from the airport, stop for my favorite blowout and then head to Harrods for coffee and guava. I later meet friends at Maroush for gyros and then hit Camden Market and the vintage stores in Oxford Circus. London has the best vintage stores in the world!

Galavante: How does a place inspire you and inform your collection?

Ronny Kobo: I tend to follow a formula. There’s something about the effortless cool of London that always gets me going for fall, and I can think of nothing else but island life, Ibiza specifically, when it’s time to design spring. My current “girl” that I’m obsessed with is leggy, has dark hair and big eyes and she can’t live without music and politics.

Galavante: What was the inspiration for your latest spring collection?

Ronny Kobo: My spring collection is predominantly '70s Moroccan tiles in jacquard. But even though I conceive the line while away, the real translation of a print begins when I return and work with my team. We position and shape the print to a woman's body at the studio. It’s a process that gives each piece life and movement. 

Galavante: Where do you source most of your fabrics?

Ronny Kobo: At least 80 percent of my line is sweater knits – even in the summer. I buy fabric and have all my garments made in Turkey, Shanghai and New York.

Galavante: When are you the most creative?

Ronny Kobo: I am a total morning person. That is when I feel most awake, alive and connected to nature. Morning is a time for receiving what the universe has to offer.

(All photos courtesy of Ronny Kobo)