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Private Plane Travel

Private Class, Up in the Sky
April 8, 2015

You have fond memories of your school days.  Bedtime reading was a dictionary, so you effortlessly earned the championship title for the school spelling bee.  In bio, you scored so high on your exams, that they had to re-set the curve without you.  But your favorite game was when you played Around the World, and mercilessly crushed your classmates on every capital city.  You didn’t go around the world once.  You went around until your social studies teacher had to call time.  So it’s no surprise that interest in geography has followed you into adulthood.  Thus we welcome you to a grown-up Around the World, by Private Jet with TCS World Travel. 

Most of us don’t have our own private plane (and in our defense, when you run the numbers, it’s really better to charter).  TCS World Travel is even better than that, and far more economical in the spectrum of splurging, for traveling around the world in style.  With just 52 seats of first class luxury, your ticket gets you on a choice of excursions and lifetime experiences that most people don’t even know exist. 

This January 2016 – yes you have to start planning lest these excursions sell out faster than a Louboutin sample sale – you begin in the land of happy in Orlando, and make your way to South America, for bucket list destinations like Machu Picchu in Peru, to the most remote inhabited place on earth, Easter Island, for some Moai action.  From there, it’s onto Bora Bora for beach time, then the Great Barrier Reef in Australia where you’ll be swimming with the fishes.  You can’t have a trip without some culture club, in the form of Angkor Wat and the Taj Mahal and Jaipur.  Then it’s about channeling your Indiana Jones, in the lost city of Petra, before you end in London. 

The cost of this 23 days for 52 lucky ducks?  A cool $117,000/per person, double occupancy.  The chance to see all those world destinations you studied in school, and only dreamt of?  Well, that’s priceless.  

For more information, please contact: Scott Leviton, Director of Guest Services, Phone: 844 673 0036