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Luxury Travel Tulum

Top Places to Travel 2014 - Tulum and Careyes
January 6, 2014
By , Your Working Jet Set Travel Experts

Good For: Couples, groups of friends, families and single travelers looking to soak up the sun, relax and take some yoga classes at sunset. 

Why Now: Located in the Yucatan peninsula just south of Cancun in Mexico, Tulum is trending among celebrities, from Demi Moore and her latest barely legal boyfriend to Kate Bosworth to Alexander Skarsgard. As an eco-friendly destination, Tulum relies on sun and wind to power its low-key luxury resorts. Once a places where hippies converged, it didn’t take too long for a wealthy contingent seeking the meaning of life to find its white sand beaches. Soon after that, bikini boot camp set up shop, so now it's a prime destination for affluent, fit, spirituality seekers to wander pedestrian-friendly towns. 

Careyes, between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, kicks exclusivity up several notches. Originally founded by an Italian banker who would invite his friends to come visit, Careyes is now an ultra-exclusive private community. (Think Seal and Heidi Klum in happier days.) Yet it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The lucky opportunity to shell out several million dollars for a palatial spread is apparently determined by potential members having committed most of the seven deadly sins. So basically, these people know how to have a good time.