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Luxury Travel Tanzania

Top Places to Travel 2014 - Tanzania and Zanzibar
January 6, 2014
By , Your Working Jet Set Travel Experts

Good For:  Couples, small groups of friends, and families with children over the age of 8 looking to expand their travel repertoire beyond a European vacation. 

Why Now:  Hang gliding over hippos. Seriously. Relative to the other areas in Africa, it’s still safe to travel in this stunningly beautiful and unspoiled country. From safari to climbing Kilimanjaro, any route qualifies as a lifetime trip. And the international five-star hotels are coming, led by the 2013 opening of the Four Seasons Serengeti, smack dab in the middle of the Serengeti National Park. The Four Seasons recently opened a Discovery Center, making it even more of a destination spot for families with children over the age of 8, inquisitive adults and pretty much anyone who gets caught up in the excitement of a lifetime safari trip. In Zanzibar, the White Sand Luxury Villa & Spa is opening this 2014.  Don’t expect hippos, but its surreal, light turquoise waters have claimed status as the most beautiful beach in the world. From the pictures, they just might be onto something.  This location is also known to have some of the best kite surfing in the world. Now that’s a good story to tell at your next cocktail party.