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Top Places to Travel 2014 - Russia
January 6, 2014
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief


Good For:  Couples, groups of friends, families and single travelers looking to partake in the Olympic Games and explore a culturally and historically fascinating country. 

Why Now: If you haven’t heard, an athletic competition called the Olympics is taking place this winter in Sochi. With the international community descending upon Russia, we’re thinking that visitors will be more warmly welcomed in a place notorious for “face patrol”, hotels will be in top form, and restaurants, cafes and clubs will be wilder than ever. Moscow’s Kremlin, historic Red Square and even museum-worthy art-filled subways are must-see sites. Vodka and caviar at Café Pushkin is equally part of experiencing the culture. Moscow’s social scene is difficult to penetrate without a very well connected local friend, but it’s a debaucherous eye-opener once you make it past the doorman. As for the Russian bath experience? Let’s just say you will have stories—good ones. St. Petersburg is the most tourist-friendly of cities in Russia to visit, and also one of the most beautiful.  The Hermitage, a former palace, gives you a glimpse at oligarch living—we’ll just say it’s very, very good. The food scene is decadent; from traditional khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread) at Mamaliga to modern fare at Terrassa.