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La Residence, Hue

Azerai: Adrian Zecha's Next Move
April 24, 2019
By , Associate Editor

What do you do after you’ve already created the best hotel portfolio in the world? Well, if you’re Adrian Zecha, you simply launch a second hotel portfolio – and you make sure that it’s as special as the first. In other words, the world-renowned hotelier and founder of the Aman hotel chain has now gifted us with a new project: Azerai.

Azerai is the modern know-how for elegance, refinement, and beauty. No surprise with its Aman roots. They also just planted their second flag in Vietnam and under the Azerai brand. After having launched the Azerai Can Tho last spring, Adrian Zecha’s next move is Azerai La Residence, Hue.

Built in 1930 and sitting on the banks of the UNESCO-Heritage-site Perfume River, facing the Citadel, the historic mansion just underwent an all-embracing renovation. With a territory of over six acres, a brand-new spa that features six different treatment rooms, an on-site tropical garden, and a salt-watered swimming pool, Azerai presents the former residence of the French Resident Superieure with a new ambiance of grandeur. The hotel has one-hundred-and-twenty-two rooms of nine different categories, which are spread across the three La Residence buildings.


The hotel is also located in close proximity to the Hue Railway Station, which means that you have ample opportunity to dive into the exploration of Hue – the former capital of Vietnam and the keeper city of Vietnamese heritage. With pagodas, temples, and countless tokens of the Nguyen Emperors’ legacy, there’s a reason why Hue was the center of Vietnamese culture for almost 150 years.


Although name “Azerai” is derived from the Persian word “caravanserai,” which refers to the fabled tales of old inns of the Middle East, if the Azerai brand has anything in common with old inns, it’s only in the name: everything else is incomparable. Sounds like we may have Azerai junkies on the horizon.