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On the Scene

Polo Bar NYC

Americana at The Polo Bar
March 23, 2016

Why we like it:  In a word, the scene.  Not to mention, those addictive fried blue cheese olives, but more on that later.  While past the newlywed phase of restaurants, this is still one of the toughest reservations to get in town.  If you don’t have a connection in, it’s going to be tough to be offered a table even in the outer reaches of Siberian reservation time.  Our advice is find a friend who is already part of their circle of trust, and after your privileged dinner with said friend, dial into the reservation line, drop your friend’s name, gush about how much you loved it, and hope the reservation Gods are good to you that day. 

What to order:  One of the best things on the menu isn’t on the menu at all.  Arrive early for your reservation and post up in the bar, preferably in the back room near the fireplace, and order up a vodka martini with a twist.  Along side your beverage, they bring out fried blue cheese olives, homemade herbed garlic potato chips and warm spiced nuts.  Get ready to tear through at least a bowl of those olives and the other accoutrements.  For dinner, the burger is a specialty of the house, and the branzino makes a strong showing.  The veal Milanese is one of the heartiest dishes, and pairs quite nicely with their kale salad.  The real star here though is the impeccable service and the scene – both in décor and those Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seated next to you.