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Ludlow New York City

Ludlow Arrives in LES
May 20, 2014
By , Managing Editor & Writer

The Jane in the West Village. The Bowery on the Bowery. The Maritime in Chelsea. Sean MacPherson’s NYC hotels have become such a fixture in their neighborhoods that it’s hard to imagine one without the other. And now, MacPherson is moving in to the LES, with The Ludlow opening in June.

The Ludow doesn’t just reflect the LES’s evolving history – it’s a part of it. The sturdy brick building had been abandoned by its original owners a couple of years back, and MacPherson, along with the hotel dream team of Ira Drukier and Richard Born (Pod Hotels, The Greenwich Hotel, Mercer Hotel), stepped in to develop it.

MacPherson first visited the LES in the 1980s: “Along with layers of history, there was a grittiness and nervous energy,” he says. “You had a sense something could break out any minute, whether it was street art or a riot. I’d come from L.A., and there was nothing like it.” (Some would say there still isn’t.)

The Ludlow’s rooms – which number 184, including 20 suites – have that bohemian MacPherson stamp: hardwood floors, fringed Moroccan lamps and “tree-trunk” nightstands from Brooklyn’s Organic Modernism, plus the requisite upscale amenities, like high-thread-count sheets and designer bath products – in this case, by a Galavante favorite, Red Flower. The lobby atrium is the hotel centerpiece, with oak-paneled walls, marble floors and a limestone fireplace that hotel PR describes as “trustafarian meets Miss Havisham.” (The trustafarian part dictates the cocktail prices.) Says MacPherson, “We’d like to function as a living room for the neighborhood.” Considering the popularity of his other hotels, this will probably happen pretty quickly.

The same can be said for the hotel’s new restaurant, Dirty French, the first French restaurant from Major Food Group (by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick), which operates lots of buzzy spots around NYC, including Torrisi and Parm. Even so, there’s nothing like some smoked fish and a knish at Russ & Daughers and Yonah Schimmel, which are just down the street.

(Photo courtesy of The Ludlow)