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New Boutique Hotel in Montclair

Road Trip: The George
March 27, 2019
By , Contributor

New York - the city that never sleeps. If you’ve ever lived or stayed in the Big Apple, you know that New York has an unmatchable unique energy. Broadway, fine dining, busy streets, and a diversity of people unlike anywhere else. But sometimes, the hustle-and-bustle of this high-rise town leaves you wanting to slow down a bit, if even just for one weekend. Thanks to Bobbi Brown (yes, the Bobbi Brown) and her husband Steven Plofker, you now can, because they’ve opened The George: a newly designed boutique hotel just a short drive away from NYC.

Bobbi Brown has dedicated her life to making all things beautiful. It should then be no surprise that she has done the same with all the 32 rooms at The George, as each one gives you the quaintness and charm of a Bed & Breakfast as well as the comfort and service of a luxury resort. The stylish interior designs are just further proof that Bobbi Brown’s gift for beauty is not limited to cosmetics, and it becomes easy to see why she received the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization Pioneer Award last November.

The George has also teamed up with huge industry names to give you the best service possible. You’ll be sleeping on a legendarily comfortable Casper mattress, drinking Nespresso’s internationally renowned coffee (100% recyclable capsules), and using all-natural bathroom amenities, provided by EO Products. This is, of course, just to name a few of the comforts you can expect from your stay.

Arguably one of the biggest perks to The George is that you won’t have to find a dog-sitter for your weekend séjour. For a small fee, your dog can enjoy staying with you, and will even be given its own bed, so that you can sleep easy without worrying whether your pet is getting the love and care it needs while you’re away.


So why wait? With The George just 12 miles west of the city, you can experience all the luxury comforts of a faraway resort without ever having to set foot in a busy airport. And the best part is that you can get back in time for your Monday morning meeting, feeling relaxed and refreshed… OR, you can always call in sick and extend your stay by a few days (and don’t worry, we’ll never tell).