• Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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A Reason to Head to Connecticut, Besides Bradley Cooper
September 23, 2020
By , Founder

She once helmed the kitchens of the top restaurants in New York City, where you would regularly wait two hours for a table at The Spotted Pig, or gladly take an 11 p.m. resy at The Breslin. April Bloomfield is now at this historic inn in Connecticut, which apparently was the place to quarantine with the likes of Bradley Cooper.  It’s officially a perfect excuse to spend a weekend at the Mayflower Inn & Spa.  In Washington, Connecticut, a two hour drive from the city, it’s just far enough to feel like you’re on vacation, but easy enough to be a no-hassle getaway.  The Mayflower has been taking advantage of the talent looking to retreat from the city, and bringing their dining program to the next level.  With Bloomfield at the helm as the Chef in Residence, she’s created dishes like Hamachi Crudo with Charred and Pickled Fall Vegetables, Cauliflower Tikka Masala with Curry Leaf Butter and Stuffed & Steamed Flounder with Swiss Chard and Caviar.  In other words, another reason to head to Connecticut for the weekend.