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South African Cuisine

Jacobus het n Springbok Geskiet
March 1, 2017

For the Springbok Loin

600g Springbok loin cleaned and trimmed
5g Smoked paprika
2g Black pepper crushed
2g Thyme chopped
4g Fine salt
10Fml Olive oil

For Braising the Springbok Shanks

1kg Springbok shanks
200ml Olive oil
50g Tomato paste
500g Mire poix
3 Bay leaves
5g Black peppercorns whole
1 Star anise
500ml Red wine
5lt Beef stock

For Chakalaka Soil

2lt Canola oil
50g Crushed garlic
2g Curry leaves fresh
40g Ginger finely chopped
50g Curry powder
20g Ground coriander
10g Smoked paprika
1kg Mixed bell peppers small diced
200g Red onion small diced
100g Green beans finely sliced
10g Salt
8 Slices whole wheat bread blended into fresh crumbs

For the Beet Root Purée

5kg Beetroot
200g Honey
200ml Red wine vinegar
5g Salt
2g Xanthum gum             

For the Beetroot Leaves

200g Beetroot leaves
3g Smoked paprika
2g Salt
50g Unsalted butter 

For the Wild Spinach Purée

1kg Wild spinach
100ml Canola oil
200g Sliced onion
5g Cumin seeds
5g Black mustard seeds
7g Curry powder
1 Dried red chilli, whole
100g Crushed garlic
3g  Salt

For the Baby Beetroot

6ea Baby red beetroot
10g Salt 


For Springbok Loin

Marinate the springbok loin with the rest of the ingredients and place into a large bag.  Vacuum pack the bag until air tight.  For service sous vide in a water bath for 15mins at 54°c.  Remove from the bag and grill for 2mins on each side.

Allow to rest for 5mins before carving.

For Braising of the Springbok Shanks

Rub the shanks with 100ml of the oil and season with salt.  Grill for 5mins on each side with the grill set on high.  Allow to rest until ready to use.

In a large pot add the rest of the oil and bring to high heat.  Add the mire poix and caramelize for 8mins.  Add the tomato paste and cook out for 5mins. Add all the spices and herbs and fold into the other ingredients.  De-glaze with the red wine and cook out the alcohol.  When the alchol is cooked out add the beef stock and bring to a boil.  Place the grilled shanks inside the pot.  Cover the pot with foil and oven roast at 150°c for 4hrs.  Remove from the oven and allow to cool down at room temperature covered. Once it is cool carefully remove the shanks from the braising liquid.

Pulled the meat away from the bone, place the bones into a clean pot.  Strain the braising liquid and add it the clean pot with the bones.   Reduce the liquid until by 1/8 the amount and strain through a cheese cloth.

For the Chakalaka Soil

Place the oil into a medium pot and bring to a medium heat.  Add all he spices, garlic, ginger and curry leaves. Allow to gently temper for 5mins. Add the vegetables and turn the heat down to low.  Allow the vegetables to stew in the flavored oil for 45mins. Season to taste and cool down. Strain the vegetables and reserve the oil. Blend half of the vegetables until smooth. Mix the puréed chakalaka with the pulled springbok shanks.  Spread the other half of the vegetables onto 3 silicon mats and dehydrate at 56°c for 48hrs. When dry,  blend into a powder.   Mix the whole wheat crumbs with 250ml of the reserved chakalaka oil.

Toast the crumbs until dry.  Mix the powder into the crumbs and check seasoning add salt if needed. Set aside for service.

For the Beetroot Purée

Place the beetroot into a oven set at 180°c and roast for about 45mins to an hour until soft inside.  Remove from the oven when soft and peel the skins off.  Place peeled beetroot into a bar blender with the honey and red wine vinegar. Blend until smooth.  Add the Xanthum gum and blend for a further 10mins until it thickens.  Cool down over a ice bath and set aside for service.

For the Beetroot Leaves

Place into boiling water for 1min.  Remove from the water and drain excess moisture. Toss in butter with smoked paprika and season with salt to taste. Ready to serve.

For the Wild Spinach Purée

Begin by washing the wild spinach. In a medium pot add the oil and bring to a medium heat.  Add the onions and gently cook for 3mins. Add the spices and temper for 2min. Fold in the garlic until gently tempered.  Add the wild spinach and turn the heat down to low. Allow to simmer until all the spinach has rendered. Cook out all the excess moisture.  Season to taste and blend smooth in to a purée. Set aside for service.

For the Baby Beetroot

Place into a pot with water and salt and boil until tender. Remove from the boiling water when cooked and place into a ice bath. Pull the skins off the flesh and set aside, discard the skins. For service season and drizzle with chakalaka oil.

Roast at 180°c for 5mins. Ready to serve.


Heat the beetroot purée up and place on the centre of a hot large white round plate. Place the baby beetroot onto the purée.  Carve the springbok loin and place along side the baby beetroot. Smear the wild spinach purée next to the springbok loin. Place the cooked beetroot leaves on the wild spinach purée. Place a teaspoon of the chakalaka soil on the wild spinach purée next the beetroot leaves. Heat the braise mix up and place on top of the soil. Heat up the jus and pour along side the springbok loin. Ready to serve.        


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