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Scallop Recipes

Scallop Carpaccio
May 20, 2014

20 g U10 scallop carpaccio
3 ea daikon sheets
10 g OJ almond dressing
5 g almond dust
chive oil
5 ea radish blooms
5 ea breakfast radish slices
3 ea citrus coriander
3 ea green almonds
white balsamic vinaigrette


Orange-almond dressing
1000 g orange juice
125 g grapeseed oil
50 g hazelnut oil
30 g lemon juice


Chive Oil
125 ml grapeseed oil
200 g chives
50 g spinach


White balsamic vinaigrette
1000 g EVOO
500 g white balsamic


Daikon sheets
Slice the daikon, on the slicer, #-0.5. Dress with white balsamic vinaigrette.

Orange-almond dressing
Reduce the orange juice quickly. When reduced by 80%, cool down in an ice bath. With an immersion blender add the oils gently. Season with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Strain through a fine chinois.

Almond dust
Toast peeled almonds for 6 minutes at 375ºF. Cool down. Grate on a microplane. Store dry.

Chive oil
Blanch chives and spinach in salted boiling water. Shock in an ice bath. Remove from ice water and squeeze out all excess water. Place in a vita prep with oil and blend on high. Strain through coffee filter and fine chinois. Place oil in squeeze bottle and reserve until needed.

White balsamic vinaigrette
Mix EVOO and white balsamic vinegar. Season with salt.

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