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Pastrami Sandwich

Kimchi and Pastrami Sandwich
April 29, 2014

oyster sauce
shrimp paste
green onion



Take cabbage and soak it in salt-water solution for 5 hours to jumpstart the fermentation process. This helps to speed up the process as well as keeps it from getting bitter.

The housemade pastrami is made in a very traditional delicatessen style. It goes through a six-day process with a brining stage, a heavily spiced curing stage and a roasting stage. Then it is pressed and sliced in-house to produce a very delectable product.

The kimchi is made Korean-style with a fusion of French and Korean flavors. L'Auberge de Sedona uses savoy cabbage, pineapple, heirloom radishes, fermented red pepper, green onions and fish sauce. It ferments for one week and then is left to mature for another three weeks. This allows the flavors to meld together and produce a fantastic and exciting way to enjoy a classic sandwich.

The Russian dressing, bread, butter pickles and cider mustard are all made in-house.

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