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Mimo San Sebastian

Bidasoa Salmon
December 24, 2018

Semi-cured salmon

200g salmon (clean filets)

500g salt

500g sugar


Crispy Skin

200g salmon skin (with 3mm of meat)


Olive oil

100g EVO

25g pickled onions

Chopped parsley


200ml meat stock (half reduce)

30ml Korean soy sauce


Semi-cured salmon

1. Mix the salt with sugar and use to cover every side of the filet (including underneath). Put the salmon in the fridge for 1 hour.

2. After 1 hour, wash off the salt and sugar, and dry the fish.

3. Cut the salmon into four pieces and place into a bag with a drop of garlic EVO.

4. Cook at 115F for 18 min, just before serving.

Crispy skin

5. Cut the skin into small squares, arrange on a tray, and cook in the oven at 356F for 40 min, until they get crispy. Then, leave the pieces on a paper towel.

6. Place the salmon in a vacuum bag with the olive oil, and cook “sous vide” at 113F for 15 minutes to extract the collagen.

7. Drain the liquid and the fat into a glass, and put in the fridge until the collagen sets (it will look like white jelly at the bottom of the glass). Put the fat into another glass.

8. Mix the jelly with a stick blender, while slowly and intermittently adding the oil until it blends completely.

9. Chop the pickled onions into small pieces, and mix in with the rest of the sauce, the parsley, and the crispy skin.

10. For best presentation, place the salmon in a large bowl, and pour the sauce on top and around the fish. Decorate the plate with coriander germinates, or something similar.

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