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Grouse Dishes

Spring Grouse Salad with Carrot, Heather Honey, Ginger and Shiitakes
May 5, 2014

4 grouse breasts
50ml creme fraiche
1 sprig thyme
3 juniper berries, crushed
1 clove garlic
sea salt and pepper


2 carrots peeled
1 teaspoon heather honey
1/2-inch ginger
100ml double cream
30gm butter


200gm Comrie shiitakes
1 shallot finely chopped
25ml sherry vinegar
25ml rapeseed oil


8 baby carrots


watercress leaves
virgin rapeseed oil

reduced grouse stock, flavored with a little miso


Serves: 4

Marinate the grouse breast in creme fraiche, garlic and thyme for 24 hours.

Make the carrot puree through the Thermomix, then hold hot. Cook the baby carrots in water and butter and hold hot.

Add the chopped shallots and the vinegar and reduce until nearly done. Add the oil and warm through, toss in the mushrooms and cook for a minute, season with pepper and sea salt, add some flat leaf parsley and keep warm.

On the griddle, cook the grouse breasts 2 minutes each side – allow to rest. Remove from pan. To serve, divide the carrot puree between the plates and spread.

Scatter the mushrooms across the plate. Cut the grouse breast into thin slices, drain on paper and add to the plate. Add two baby carrots. Add watercress leaves.

Finish plate with a crisp filo roll of grouse leg confit and parfait and a few drops of the reduced grouse with miso.

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