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Grilled Cod

Cod with Malaysian Chili Sauce and Thai Basil
March 11, 2014

cod filet, skin off


Chili sauce:
624 g garlic, minced
1077 g ginger, minced
794 g scallion whites, sliced thin
1304 g scallion greens, sliced 1/4” thick
907 g guilin chili sauce
567 g light soy
340 g rice vinegar
964 g shaoxing
510 g sugar


1 serving includes:
170 g cod filet, skin off
10 g celery, brunoise
Thai basil oil
inner leaves of celery

Chili sauce: Fry garlic in non-stick pan in grapeseed oil until golden, then strain through chinois and put in a rondeau. Repeat with ginger. In the rondeau, sweat scallion whites without oil over medium heat until completely soft.  Add remaining ingredients except scallion greens and cook, stirring until loose syrup consistency. Place scallion greens in pan and pour sauce over them, stirring thoroughly to wilt.

Cod: Season cod gently with salt and white pepper. Sauté in grapeseed oil over medium heat until golden and just cooked. Blot well on paper towel. Heat sauce in a small pot until just hot, being careful not to reduce.  Heat celery with a little water and salt. Place a pool of the heated sauce in the center of the serving plate and encircle with basil oil. Place fish on top. Top fish with a mound of the celery, garnish with celery leaf and drizzle basil oil over.

Do not heat sauce in batches larger than 4 portions. Check sauce frequently for saltiness.

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