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Crayfish Recipes

Crayfish and Melon
June 3, 2014

1 crayfish (1kg raw weight)


Watermelon gelee
440ml watermelon juice
30ml lime juice
30ml rose verjuice
5 leaf gelatin
1gm salt


Melon balls
honeydew melon
rock melon
champagne melon
.5mm Parisian scoop 
30ml Don Juilo tequila 
30ml elderflower cordial
30ml vanilla-infused vodka (we infuse our own with Fiji vanilla pods)
15ml chili olive oil (we make our own)


Sago crisp
100gm white sago
15gm squid ink




Remove the head of the crayfish and gently cut along each side of the tail shell to remove the tail meat in 1 piece. Pinch the end of the tail when taking the meat out and you should be able to remove the vein in one piece also. We always keep the shells for stocks.

Place the tail meat into a sous vide shrink bag along with 6ml of orange-infused olive oil. Cook at 56°C until the core temperature reaches 52°C. Remove from water bath and let sit for 10 minutes before chilling. Once cool, remove from bag and slice into thin medallions.

Watermelon gelee
Soak gelatin in ice-cold water until soft. Bring lime juice and verjuice to a boil, remove from heat and add the gelatin. Add the gelatin mix to the remaining ingredients. Set in a tray to about 7mm thick; make sure the tray has been lightly sprayed with oil, to make removal much easier. Cut out using ring cutters.

Melon balls
Scoop about 100gm of each melon and keep separate in vacuum bags. Marinate each different melon with a different flavor and lightly compress in the bag. The melon should go transparent almost.

Sago crisp
Cook the sago in salted water until clear and strain. Mix the squid ink through the sago until jet-black. Spread evenly onto baking trays covered with parchment paper. Dry in the oven over night at 72°, zero humidity, until it is very dry and can be broken into small pieces. Cook for 20 seconds in oil at 220°. The sago should puff up.

To serve: Lay the sliced crayfish in the bottom of a large bowl. Cut the watermelon gelee so that is covers the crayfish. Arrange the melon balls on top; have an even amount so there is a balance of each flavor. Thinly slice young radish, which should be picked just prior to service. Season with black sea salt. Garnish with the sago crisp, crisp jamon flakes, cucumber flowers and micro red amaranth.


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