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Berry Cocktail

Meyer Berry Smash
April 29, 2014

8 Meyer lemons
750 ml of your favorite vodka


Hibiscus honey:
10–15 hibiscus flowers
1 cup water
2 cups honey


Peel all Meyer lemons, trying to use only the rind. Scrap all white or pith off the rind, as this will cause vodka to become bitter. Add to vodka and macerate for one week in refrigeration. 

Hibiscus honey:
In a small sauce pot, add water and hibiscus flowers and allow to steep for a half hour. Strain and discard flowers. Add water back to pot with honey. Bring to 185°F for 10 minutes. Tip: If you want more hibiscus flavor, steep for longer until you have desired flavor.

In a tall glass muddle 3 fresh blackberries, and then fill with ice. Add 1 oz hibiscus honey, 2 oz Meyer lemon vodka and top with soda water. Stir and garnish with blackberry and a lemon twist.

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