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Bass Fish Recipes

Black Bass
May 20, 2014

75 g black bass filet
3 ea pea clusters
10 g tapioca pearls
20 g white balsamic/ EVOO sauce
10 g fromage blanc espuma
15 g baby fennel
3 ea crystal lettuce
3 ea pea leafs
5 ea baby lettuce leafs
3 ea rennel fronds


Pea clusters
500 g water
6 g agar-agar
split peas


White balsamic/EVOO sauce
300 g chicken stock
100 g cream
30 g crème fraîche
30 g butter
60 g lemon juice
1000 g white balsamic vinegar


Fromage blanc espuma
250 g butter
250 g goat cheese
100 g Fage yogurt
40 g fromage blanc
10 g glucose
100 g water
1 g agar
0.4 g xanthan
1 ea egg
1 ea egg yolk


Bass filet
Cut the fish in 75 g portions. Season with salt. Generously cover with EVOO. Place skin side down on a parchment paper. Cook for 4 minutes in the oven at 325ºF.

Pea clusters
Bring water to a boil. Bloom agar in the water. Mix peas and gelée. Place little clusters of peas on acetate sheets. Drizzle the clusters with gelée to seal the outside.

White balsamic/EVOO sauce
Reduce chicken stock by 75%. Add cream. Reduce by half. Add butter and crème fraîche. Finish with lemon juice. Reduce white balsamic vinegar by 60%. Add both liquids together. Finish the sauce with 1/10 of beurre monté.

Fromage blanc espuma
Melt butter, goat cheese, yogurt, fromage blanc and glucose. Bring water to a boil. Bloom the agar in the boiling water for 20 minutes. Mix both liquids. Mix in xanthan, egg and egg yolk. Pass through a fine chinois. Charge in a siphon gun twice.

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