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TCS Around the World

TCS Expeditions
March 30, 2014

For more than 20 years, TCS World Travel has been providing highly personalized, enriching experiences for our guests from the comfort and convenience of our private jets.

When you travel with TCS, you travel with the most experienced private jet team in the industry. We've operated more than 240 trips to 150 countries and counting. Every person, from our trip planners to our expedition leaders, knows how to deliver a truly immersive, worry-free travel experience. 

TCS World Travel goes beyond standard sightseeing to make each stop memorable. We take guests behind the scenes and offer multiple opportunities to connect you to the cultures and places you visit. Experts from world-renowned organizations travel with you to share their knowledge of the sights, cultures and people we encounter. 

Traveling by private jet is the only way to experience so many world highlights in a single trip. Our Boeing 757s are customized for every journey, seating up to 78 guests. We set our schedules and fly direct so you can make the most of every destination.

Wherever TCS World Travel goes, we promise to immerse you in the sights, sounds and cultures of the most iconic, remote places on the planet.


·      Around the world travel by private Boeing 757 – Discover a life list of destinations in a single journey.

o   Signature Expeditions – 78 travelers

o   Select Journeys – 52 travelers

·      Adventure travel - Regional adventure experiences by small aircraft

·      Private travel - Personalized, one-of-a-kind trip planning services

·      utilizing all modes of transportation

Exclusive Galavante Benefits:  

  1. Transfer from home to airport, gratuity included
  2. Bottle of welcome wine, value around $100+
  3. Transfer from airport home, gratuity included

To Book:  Info@TCSWorldTravel.com. Please mention you are a Galavante First Class Member to get our exclusive benefits.