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Best of NYC Seafood

Simon & The Whale
December 6, 2018
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Good for:  Dinner with friends, dining solo at the bar, dinner for two, and casual date nights

Atmosphere:  Lively, fun and casual.    

Why we like it:  If we only ate at Gabriel Stulman-backed spots, we would be very happy campers.  As the more foodie-focused outlet in the Freehand Hotel, there is something about Simon and the Whale that reminds us of the old school seafood restaurants we’d go to with our parents growing up, with their dark polished wood interior and nautical theme.  Except in this case, it’s much more posh than any place our parents ever took us.  And with prettier people.  And with much better food. 


What to order:  We never pass up a good taramasalata, but this one qualifies as great. The croquettes with Gouda and pimentón are a crowd pleaser (because who doesn’t like fried food?) and we offset that decadence with the red snapper crudo that is made infinitely heartier with coconut milk. The fish sandwich was a sleeper hit, so if you go family style, make sure to order two.