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Chez Sardine New York City

Chez Sardine: Japanese in West Village
December 11, 2013
By , Contributor & Executive Editor

The space: Here’s the thing about Chez Sardine: It’s sushi sans pretention, with a healthy dose of fun. The Little Wisco family treats you like part of the clan – showering you with attention and sending endless tasty bites your way.

The ingredient: If there is a wait (and there likely is for one of the 12 tables), Chez Sardine’s hospitality swoops in to save the night. Bellies will not go hungry for long, as cod croquettes – little fried balls of joy – are doled out to tie over appetites. And while you’re waiting, the restaurant’s buzzy atmosphere and good-looking patrons will keep your scene-y side perfectly content.

The special: From 9pm on, pull up a seat for sushi served by the piece. The huge, decadent, and very rich maki tempura rolls are packed full of lobster, avocado, and pork belly. Caviar and butter toast from the "snacks" portion of the menu, and the "sushi bar" scallop with jalapeño and lemon, are not to be missed. And when it comes to the Scottish salmon, crusted in pretzels and lime cream, heed this advice: Order two. You won’t be sorry. After all, no one’s judging.

Chez Sardine, 183 W. 10th St., 646-360-3705chezsardine.com

(Photos courtesy of Chez Sardine)