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Nacho Figueras Ralph Lauren

A New York Minute with Nacho Figueras
June 28, 2016
Why Polo Player Nacho Figueras Loves NYC, and Where He Wants To Visit Next
By Hilary Sheinbaum, Galavante Contributor 

Nacho Figueras looks good doing just about everything: playing Polo, staring in Ralph Lauren ads, and casually hanging out on a boat in New York City. The latter is where we chatted with him, aboard the Grand Banks at Pier 25 Hudson River Park, during the launch and unveiling of Ralph Lauren Fragrance's Polo Blue Eau De Parfum.
The 39-year-old polo player, model, husband and father of four, is constantly jetsetting for work, but there are a few places that are still on his bucket list. 
It's no suprise, then, with all the traveling he does, one country is reserved for vacation time. Read on for our exclusive interview with the Argentine athlete.
Galavante: Where is your next vacation?
Nacho Figueras: I don't do vacations that much! We travel a lot, so vacation is staying home. That's vacation.
Galavante: Where's home these days?
Nacho Figueras: Home is Argentina.
Galavante: What are your favorite things to do there?
Nacho Figueras: When we are there, we go to our farm where I have a big breeding operation with the horses. We enjoy the calm after the storm.
Galavante: What's the most important thing to pack when you're traveling with four children?
Nacho Figueras: I can not synthesize that. You should see the amount of bags! I think for children, you need everything. I could go anywhere with a backpack and you figure it out. With children, you need all their clothes and all their things. They want to bring their toys with them. I think the most important thing is we are able to be together. I'm very happy that I'm able to do that and get to do what I love, which is play polo and go around the world with them. I think that's very important.
Galavante: Besides Argentina, where is your favorite place to visit?
Nacho Figueras: I love New York City. There's something very special about New York City. The states, in general, have been great to me. I love America. I think it's the one country in the world that allows you to succeed if you want to. It's a great country - very inviting. 
Galavante: What is your favorite NYC restaurant?
Nacho Figueras: I love Cipriani, downtown. You always know what you're doing to get.
Galavante: What do you eat there?
Nacho Figueras: I love the salad - it's great. The branzino. Everything is great.
Galavante: Are there any places you want to visit but haven't traveled to yet?
Nacho Figueras: Many! I've never been to Japan, which I would love. I've never been to Egypt or Istanbul. I've been many, many places. For some reason, I'm intrigued by Egypt.