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Actress Olivia Munn

A New York Minute with Olivia Munn
July 24, 2014

In her new thriller flick, Deliver Us From Evil, a Bronx-accented Olivia Munn plays a policeman’s wife who is investigating some bone-chilling demonic crimes. She actually likes scary films and gets really bored if they don't terrify her. For Munn, it’s like being on a roller coaster where you want to be scared but dread them at the same time. Ever the chameleon, she’s not staying in the horror genre for long. The actress who made a big splash playing the brilliant financial reporter Sloan Sabbith in the hit series Newsroom, just finished a fun comedic art heist film Mortdecai with Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor which comes out early next year. Galavante caught up with Ms. Munn for a New York minute to talk about her favorite New York sports team, her secret weapon travel essentials and preferred choice of bling. 

Galavante: What is your favorite New York ritual or something you love to do in New York?

Olivia Munn: Going to a big sporting event like a Knicks game. It’s so fun, and the Knicks are so quintessential New York. It has such a great crowd. And they have the new stadium that’s opening up. So I’m excited to experience it. It’s my favorite thing to do in New York. 

Galavante: I hear that you love Montblanc jewelry. What inspires you to buy it? 

Olivia Munn: I don’t wear a lot of jewelry all the time. So when I want to buy a piece of jewelry, it has to be something that can go with my day-to-day life, that I can also throw on if I’m going to an event and still feel like it’s dressy enough. Montblanc jewelry does a great job of taking something that’s really classic and bringing it to like, a modern girl’s world. So they have these really heavy pieces and really great gold and diamonds together, but they’re set in this really modern way, so it always feels current.

Galavante: You are traveling everywhere these days. Where would you like to travel to next?

Olivia Munn: I’m heading to London to start a film. I’ve never really spent much time there, so I’m very excited about that. I’ve heard a lot about the theater and the food. I know that there are a lot of pubs. So I’m excited about just drinking my way through London.

Galavante: What do you have to take on the plane when you fly? 

Olivia Munn: I bring collagen masks, and I get them from Little Tokyo. When everyone else has gone to sleep, I throw it on my face. Because once you get off, I find it gives me so much moisture. I don’t have any one brand. I just go down to Little Tokyo  and I get different Japanese brands. And I travel with my Brookstone Nap Eye Mask. It’s very important to me. And that’s basically it.

Galavante: You’re so fit. What do you typically eat for breakfast? 

Olivia Munn: Hard-boiled eggs, turkey bacon and cantaloupe. I was told that’s a really good low-carb choice, especially when my whole life is spent searching for carbs. So, in the morning, I should probably not search for them.

Interview by Jeryl Brunner