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Actress Jenny McCarthy

View from the Top: Jenny McCarthy
April 14, 2014

Since pulling up a chair to co-host ABC’s The View, Jenny McCarthy has made the move from Chicago to New York City. The actress, mother and always-entertaining blonde bombshell recently helped the Vemma Nutrition Company introduce its newest ready-to-drink beverage, Vemma Renew, at the Bryant Park Hotel in NYC. While sipping, we “singled out” our favorite funny lady for an exclusive interview about her new home, her old one and a unique New York City activity – poker, anyone?

Galavante: What are your favorite things to do in New York City since moving here?
Jenny McCarthy: To try every different restaurant possible.

Galavante: Preferred spots?
Jenny McCarthy: I can’t remember names, but there’s one in Hoboken. It’s Italian. I get the mussels and whatever type of fish special they have. It’s very romantic; you pay in cash only – those types of places I like so much.

Galavante: Have you been visiting any museums lately or going to Central Park?
Jenny McCarthy: Not yet, although I’m about to do a huge venture right now! I flew in my kid’s third-, fourth- and fifth-grade class in Chicago, all here. They landed yesterday. They’re at the Statue of Liberty. They’re at the Museum of Natural History. I’m going to meet them there. After: a Broadway play. Then, I take them to another museum, carriage rides through Central Park, an FAO Schwarz private tour. I’ve got a coach bus, and they’re all waiting! It’s amazing. I’m living vicariously through them.

Galavante: If someone has 48 hours in Chicago, what are the must-dos and -eats?
Jenny McCarthy: Get a deep-dish Chicago pizza from Giordano’s. Go up to Oak Street Beach, and walk on the sand, turn around and look at the buildings because that’s the only beach where you’re literally next to a skyscraper. Go to a Cubs game!

Galavante: What elements of New York can Chicago not compare to?
Jenny McCarthy: The people. One thing I love about New Yorkers is that they’re authentic – what you see is what you get. With Chicago people, there’s a little bit of: “Come on in. You look cold.” There’s more of an open-door policy, whereas New York is “get the hell out of my way.” That’s why I enjoy it.

Galavante: Any New York activities that you’re regularly engaging in?
Jenny McCarthy: Poker lessons! This guy in SoHo teaches you how to get into the minds of other people. I go maybe once a month.

Interview by Hilary Sheinbaum