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Our Favorite South American Designers
December 22, 2010
By , Fashion Contributor
Barbara Bela

As our tribute to our recent and upcoming features of Buenos Aires, the Punta del Este and Cartagena, we’ve chosen our favorite Latin American designers.  Latin America has been described as up-and-coming, though in many ways it has already arrived.  Brazil takes in an average of about $1 Billion-yes that is a B- of foreign investment monthly, and will be a forced to be reckoned with.  High finance is not the only area though to stand up and take notice.  Latin America, knows their fashion. Now is the time to travel to South America, where it is just developed enough, but yet not over-developed.  Value is the key; your dollar for now still goes a long way.  And lucky for you that applies to the haute couture quality which will have everyone looking on with envy. 

The Effortlessly Chic – Silvia Tcherassi  -  Colombia/Mexico/Miami

The Scoop: Sylvia designs haute couture, ready-to-wear, accessories and home collections that are feminine yet edgy, and classic yet modern.  To add to her repertoire, she recently opened her own hotel in Cartagena., Silvia Tcherassi is more than a designer, she is a brand, and at that, a luxurious one.. When you are walk the cobblestone streets of Cartagena surrounded by the old city and vibrant colors, you will understand the inspiration of Silvia Tcherassi. Anything in her line – from the unique dresses to the really cool iPad case she recently designed, is a timeless souvenir. 

Buy: Carrera 3 No 31-11. Centro Historico, Cartagena, Colombia


The Enfant Terrible– Oscar Carvallo – Venezuela/Paris

The Scoop: Theatrical surrealism is hand in hand with Oscar Carvallo designs and art reflected in his evening, bridal and Haute Couture collections. Born and raised in Venezuela, this attorney by profession but artist of soul, ditched the books to pursue his passion of making women beautiful.  His designs are lady-like Parisian with odes to his Latin American ancestry. Paris, where his main boutique resides, is always an excuse to reinvent our armoire and find new designers.  Don’t forget to bring a Chic Chica for your niece.

Buy: 7 Rue Frederic Bastiat 75008, Paris, France.

The Poetic Glam – Barbarela – Brasil/Dubai

The Scoop:No need to bring any clothing for partying in Rio de Janeiro for New Years Eve, but not for the reason you think.  Brazil has a good excuse to go shopping and indulge yourself. Barbara Bela is the premier designer to outfit you for the famed night on the town in Brazil. This is not just your one-night stand though; Barbarela has more than 30 years experience in the market and hundreds of locations in Brazil, as well as a location in Dubai. If dresses can be described as poetry, this is it.   The line itself is inspired by the  poet Alvarenaga Peixoto creating a sleek, elegant and modern vibe to the clothing.

Buy: R. Rio de Janeiro, 2171 Lourdes Belo Horizonte MG Brasil CEP 30160-042

Urban Romanticism – Zitta – Buenos Aires

The Scoop: In a city where every gorgeous well-to-do girl is a fashion designer, Zitta stands out in the crowd.  And not only because he’s a gorgeous guy. Zitta is a clothing line with heart and soul.  The richness of the Argentinean culture is the inspiration of Fabian Zitta, who uses volume and color to enhance the silhouette.  His collections communicate a Latin style influenced by his past travels, and also have a very unique 1980s inspiration, minus the jelly bracelets.  . When you pass through the Recoleta shop, Zitta’s designs will make you stop in your tracks.

Buy: Av Quintana 10, Recoleta. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Question of Lust - JUAN™- Colombia

The Scoop:We couldn’t forget about the gorgeous men in our lives, who deserve a souvenir or two of their own.  Bogota in fashion is a seductive scene, with a bit of enigmatic darkness and rock’n’roll style.  With an underground scene, JUAN™ personifies the Colombian urban guy. The designers Gustavo Lozano and Viviana Lozano created a line that is perfect for the hottie who is all about new experiences and loves dark, leather and a certain grunge style.   Your man will look nothing short of a rock star in this line. 

Buy: Cra 7 # 54A-36 L-102, Bogota Colombia

Equestrian lifestyle - The Dolfina

The Scoop:For those who do not get enough of Nacho Figuera’s polo playing on Governor’s Island and the Hamptons, the Argentinean polo lifestyle is available all year round in the NYFW S/S 2011 collection. La Dolfina for guys is a collaboration with Pablo Ramirez, who combines the New York runway with fashionable polo-playing lifestyle clothing. In a country where polo playing is the national obsession, La Dolfina is the premier brand for the sporty guy. And while you may not be with Nacho, your man can at least dress like him. 

Buy: Av. Alvear 1751, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Freeshop, Argentina aeropuerto Eseiza.