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Get Cozy
October 3, 2012
By , Associate Editor

Hello, off-season – the perfect travel time of year. This is when you can go on vacation, have your cake, and wear your sweater too. And with this season’s chic knitwear, you'll be glad for the nip in the air and the excuse to buy that cute Kenzo pullover you've been eyeing. Also, with all the money you're saving on off-season travel, go ahead and treat yourself to a Balenciaga. After all, handbags are like shoes: You can never have too many.

Plus, you can splurge on accessories that’ll make the trip as cozy as the destination. When you’re tucked into this Armand Diradourian travel blanket, your eight-hour flight will zip by. Of course, the in-flight cocktails also help.

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The Travel Blanket

Designer: Armand Diradourian

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