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Squash Blossom Uses

Squash Blossoms
June 5, 2013

The ethereal squash blossom is a delight to the eyes, but can intimidate even the most avid cook. Its gracefully twisted shape and exquisite colors scream “gourmet” without disclosing much about how to best prepare it. Fortunately for us, both Italian and Mexican cuisine have found creative uses that we can easily emulate in our own kitchens.

In Mexico, these flowers are abundant, and are frequently added to casseroles, soups, and quesadillas. There isn’t a street corner in Mexico City without a taco stand selling quesadillas stuffed with sauteed squash blossoms (flor de calabaza) and poblano peppers, garnished with the spice epazote. This is an easy summer lunch to prepare, and you can get creative with the filling – just make sure you don’t overpower the blossoms’ delicate flavor.

If you prefer to take your cooking inspiration from Italy, stuff the squash blossoms with goat cheese or ricotta and herbs, and either eat them raw, drizzled with olive oil, or batter-fried. The latter adds a welcome crispiness to the soft texture of the flowers. Alternatively, chop them into risottos or pastas and even salads – you’ll be surprised by how versatile this flower can be.

By Lauren VanZandt-Escobar