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Sleepy Jones Loungewear

Mastering the Art of Laziness
January 8, 2014

Stop procrastinating. Lose 10 pounds. Yes, the onset of a new year brings a slew of ambitious goals that can squash spontaneity and leave your tastebuds yearning for better days. And while we support your effort to become the best version of yourself, we also happen to condone most of the pleasures typically prefaced by the word “guilty.” Because what fun is life if you can’t break a couple rules?

So we were thrilled to discover Sleepy Jones, an American-made line of sleep and loungewear from Andy Spade and Partners & Spade, which blatantly advocates laziness. According to their manifesto, good things happen when you lounge. Minds wander. Ideas transpire. Creativity ensues. Hey – it worked for Picasso. But if this sounds a little too right-brained for you, just consider all of the – ahem – really awesome activities that take place in bed.

If you’re going to lounge, by all means, do it in style. Forgo your ratty sweats and alma mater tee for a traditional Sleepy Jones pajama set with contrast piping, in silk or cotton. Cuts are updated and colors and prints are classic, so in the case that you’re forced to step out in public – due to, say, a coffee or champagne emergency – you’ll return home with your dignity intact. Yet the sets are still low maintenance enough to roll up and stuff into a suitcase headed for somewhere adventurous. After all, laziness has its limits.

By Aidan Pilgrim, Executive Editor

(Photo courtesy of Sleepy Jones)

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