• Wednesday, September 18, 2019

How to Use Kumquats

March 6, 2013

It’s no surprise that in China, kumquats symbolize good fortune and prosperity. This adorable olive-sized fruit is reminiscent of a perfectly shaped good luck charm that you might clutch in your hand, and its golden color and oval shape evokes a precious gem.

Unlike other citrus fruits, a kumquat’s skin is sweet and its flesh intensely sour. You can pop the whole thing into your mouth, savoring the delicate rind as you bite into the fruit, and the intense burst of tartness that follows. Take the edge off of kumquats by cooking them down with water and plenty of sugar; this makes a colorful topping for cakes or vanilla ice cream. If you’re adventurous, make a sweet marmalade, and play around with color combinations by adding cranberries or blood oranges. Like other citruses, kumquats can be easily sliced into salads, along with other bright and sharply flavored ingredients, like pomegranate seeds and red onions. Kumquats also pair well with fish and certain meats, when prepared as a savory relish.  

By Lauren VanZandt-Escobar