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Dagny + Barstow Designers

The Stand Out
September 12, 2012

By Saba McCoy

The Place: Dagny + Barstow

Don't be fooled by the small sign and small bench on Bowery just south of Houston. Dagny + Barstow is well worth a swipe or three of the credit card.

The Store: Dagny + Barstow, the high-end women's clothing boutique founded by Meredith Blank and Emily Titelman, opened their Bowery location in February of 2012. They’ve since transformed the former bar into a unique fashion house that hasn’t forgotten the importance of comfortable clothes.

The Look: Purses, jewelry, dresses, and art – Dagny + Barstow has it all. With exclusive international wares from designers Devastee, Francis Leon, and Romance Was Born, this boutique is the it-store for anyone who doesn't want to wear the ubiquitous it-thing. (It's New York, so we all love the recognition of playing “name-that-designer” – but it’s even better when you’ve stumped people with “can’t-name-that-designer,” because you’re sporting something so one-of-a-kind.)

And after getting that hot new necklace, you can pick up some home accessories thanks to Dagny + Barstow’s collaboration with ArtStar.com, so your apartment will look as good as you do.

Dagny + Barstow's Designers to Love:

  • Classic D + B Designers: Sophie Hulme, Devastee, Swash London
  • New Designers: Carnivore by Annelise Michelson, Reece Hudson, Francis Leon

264 Bowery Ave.
New York, NY 10012