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Blood Orange Uses

Blood Orange
February 6, 2013

Behind their blushed exterior, blood oranges range in color from saffron to deep purple, and are juicier, sweeter, and slightly less acidic than normal oranges. Their vibrant flesh and dramatic name cry out against the grey of winter, and evoke summer romance. That’s why this beautiful fruit is indispensable to your Valentine’s Day dinner. Its flavor marries perfectly with red onion, feta, and mint in a salad, dressed with red wine vinegar and olive oil. You can also use blood oranges in your favorite citrus desserts.

Blood oranges yield a lot of juice, so sweeten up a winter party with blood-orange mimosas and margaritas (3 oz juice, 2 oz tequila, 1 oz Grand Marnier, and a splash of agave syrup). If you own an ice cream maker, turn the juice into a tart sorbet and add a few tablespoons of champagne. Cheers!

By Lauren VanZandt-Escobar